Production Work

I am currently living in London and working as the Product Manager for Katana at The Foundry, Europe's leading company developing software for visual effects and animation.

Prior to joining The Foundry I was Head of Computer Graphics at Framestore. At Framestore I was in charge of software development and helping the company transition to ways of working appropriate for a large visual effects and animation studio. I was also directly involved on a number of productions including Avatar and The Tale of Despereaux.

I returned to London in April 2006 after nearly five years working in California at DreamWorks Animation and ESC Entertainment.

At ESC I was Head of Computer Graphics. ESC was set up by Warner Bros and the Wachowshi Brothers to produce digital effects for the the Matrix sequels, and was a fascinating place to work using state of the art research and development to produce effects. On 'The Matrix: Reloaded' I worked on the color and lighting, particularly how the mental ray renderer was used in the pipeline, and was CG Supervisor for 'The Matrix: Revolutions'. I also personally did most of the development work for the digital rain system that was used for the final sequence where Neo goes back into the Matrix to fight Smith in Revolutions

When ESC closed in 2004 I moved to LA to join DreamWorks Animation as Head of Character Effects for 'Over the Hedge', supervising the department responsible for procedural effects on characters such as fur and cloth simulation.

Before leaving to live in the US, I was Head of 3D Animation at Framestore, and won Emmy awards for supervising the computer generated effects on 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'The Odyssey' as well as working on numerous other projects including 'Walking with Dinosaurs', 'Dinotopia', 'Lost in Space', 'Fairytale (A True Story)', 'Arabian Nights' and 'Jason and the Argonauts'.

CG Supervisor
Particularly responsible for handling 3D stereo issues, such as integration of live action with CG

'The Tale of Despereaux
Head of CG
Trouble shooting technical issues, such as pipeline and how to handle shots with large number of secondary and generic characters

'Over the Hedge'
Head of Character Effects
Responsible for supervising dept creating effects such as cloth simulations and wind in fur

'Matrix: Revolutions'
CG Supervisor: 'Matrix Unit'
Responsible for supervising the 'Super Burly Brawl' sequence
Developed shader based system for generating digital rain effects

'Matrix: Reloaded'
Color and Lighting: 'Matrix Unit'

Chrysler 'Golden Gate'
Senior Technical Director
Winner: 2000 London Effects & Animation Festival Best Commercial
Winner: 2001 ITS Monitor Award for Visual Effects

'Walking with Dinosaurs'
Senior Technical Advisor / Software Developer
Winner: 2000 Emmys for Outstanding Visual Effects and Best Animated Programme
Winner: 2000 ITS Monitor Awards for Best Visual Effects, Best 3D Animation and Best Achievement
Winner: 2000 Royal Television Society Award for Design and Craft Innovation
Siggraph 2000 Electronic Theater

'Jason and the Argonauts'
CGI Supervisor
Nominated: 2000 Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects

'Arabian Nights'
CGI Supervisor & Senior Technical Director
Winner: 2000 ITS Monitor Award for Best Visual Effects

'Alice in Wonderland'
CGI Supervisor
Winner: 1999 Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects
Winner: 2000 Royal Television Society Award for Visual Effects
Winner: 2000 ITS Monitor Awards for Best Visual Effects, Best 3D Animation and Best Achievement

'Lost in Space'
Supervising Animator

Budweiser 'Thirsty World'
Senior Technical Animator
Winner: 1997 ITS Monitor Awards for Computer Graphics in a National Commercial

'The Odyssey'
CGI Supervisor
Winner: 1997 Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Mini Series or Special

'Fairytale: A True Story'
Senior 3D Animator / CGI Supervisor

James Bond Title Sequence
Senior Animator
Used in 'Goldeneye' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

Sure Microspray 'Body Builder'
Senior Animator / Technical Director
Finalist: 1996 BTA Craft Awards

COI 'Flying Start'
Senior Animator / Technical Director
Siggraph 1995 Electronic Theater

West Lights 'Tunnel'
Freelance Animator
Winner: 1994 London Effects and Animation Festival Award for Best Commercial
Siggraph 1995 Animation Theater

Bimo 'Splash'
Freelance Animator
Siggraph 1995 Electronic Theater

'The Day Today'
CGI Animator
Winner: 1995 BAFTA for Best TV Graphics
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